Transport for London’s Van Smart

Room C, Hirst Hall, 1 Tower Lane, East Lane Business Park, East Lane, Wembley, HA9 7NB.
Venue Parking
There is free on-site parking for vehicles of 3.5 tonnes and under (only in the main estate car park and not
in the roadway or tenant’s bays). The main estate car park is located to the right of the security hut by the
main entrance.
Course Times – 07:00 – 15:00
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to course start time for registration purposes.
Identification Requirements
Please bring at least one of the following forms of identification – Driving Licence, Driver Qualification Card,
Driver Card or Valid Passport.

Transport for London’s Van Smart  course aims to reduce work-related road risks and create long-term behaviour change in the van sector by bringing about professionalism amongst the drivers.

Van Smart is a 7 hour course that is  approved by the DVSA and fully aligned to meet the requirements of:

  • Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)
  • Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver
  • Construction Logistics & Cyclist Safety (CLOCS)

Course Modules

The course includes a practical ‘on-road’ cycle training element and gives drivers a ‘real life’ experience as to a cyclist’s perspective of riding on busy roads, as well as in traffic. The course consists of two 3.5-hour modules (both delivered on the same day); the first module is classroom-based theory, and the second module, an outdoor practical session where drivers get a cyclist view of the road.

  • Theory Module (3.5 hours)

    This part of the course focuses on:

    • sharing the road safely and highlights the vulnerability of other road users.
    • It also explains how the London streetscape is evolving to encourage more walking and cycling
  • Practical Module (3.5 hours)

    •  Initial bicycle control skills training
    • Riding on bikes to areas of potential conflict including junctions, traffic lights and Advanced Stop Lines.

Who should attend the Transport for London’s Van Smart ?

The vast majority of van drivers are hard-working, reliable and dedicated individuals who look after their vans and are proud of their driving skills and their ability to share the road effectively with other users. However, because they are busy people, it is all too easy for some of them to forget some of the risks they may pose to themselves and vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists. In London, vans cover 80 percent of all road freight mileage, 10 percent of road traffic incidents involving a van and 11 percent of these incidents result in serious injury or fatality.

Course equips drivers with knowledge of :-

  • Plan and prepare themselves for driving

  • Carry out their job diligently, safely, responsibly and with consideration for others

  • Helping van drivers to become safer, more efficient and professional

  • Exchanging places with the cyclist – on-bike, driver attitude and perception

  • Introduction to active travel, driver fitness and health

  • Hazard recognition: understanding the issues faced by vulnerable road users