FORS Smart Motorway Course CPC (HGV) (LGV)

Developed in partnership with Highways England to support the logistics industry and engage with drivers on the benefits of using Smart motorway systems. Using  a technology-driven approach to the use of our motorways, Smart motorways are able to make the motorway and major road network in England  safer, less congested  and easier to manage.

Course Modules

  • Types of Smart motorway

  • Design features of Smart motorways

  • The technology and different signs and signals used on Smart motorways

  • Driving behaviour

  • Rating driving standards and evaluating road risk

  • Personal factors affecting driver behaviour

  • Road risks and how Smart motorways can improve safety

Who should attend the FORS Smart Motorways CPC course?

This course is really geared for drivers who want to use Smart Motorways to  improve driving behaviour using defensive driving principles and asserting compliance with motorway signs, signals, speed limits, red X markings and use of the hard shoulder.

This course equips drivers with knowledge of :-

  • Compliance in the use of Smart motorways.

  • Reduce the number of vehicle incidents and road delays

  • Promote safer driving behaviour

  • Improve road safety and driver knowledge

  • Reduce vehicle incidents and delays

Smart Motorways is a seven-hour, CPC Accredited course.