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Staying Legal

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Course Overview

Staying Legal is a seven hour (DVSA accredited) module developed by TfL focussing on heavy goods vehicle (HGV) compliance and the legal requirements to drive and operate an HGV in the UK. The course equips drivers with the following knowledge and skills: How to be compliant when operating HGV’s. Understand the legal requirements when operating commercially. The need for legal, roadworthy and compliant vehicles. Enforcement agencies that will conduct roadside and site compliance checks. Initiatives and schemes to enforce and enhance overall compliance. Who should attend this course? Staying legal essential training for all HGV commercial drivers, regardless of the area of operation, which will raise levels of knowledge to enhance awareness of the levels of compliance that is required for both the driver and operator. Vocational HGV drivers have a higher responsibility than normal licence holders, by driving for commercial purposes; therefore they are required to drive professionally, in a roadworthy vehicle, in full compliance with the law. Drivers will have their details entered onto the TfL training database upon completion of the training, which can be viewed via the FORS website.