Passenger Assistant Training Scheme (PATS)

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Following the MiDAS modular format, PATS training is available throughout the UK.  Unlike MiDAS, PATS members make a commitment to assess the training needs of staff performing the role of passenger assistant on a vehicle.  These people may be paid staff, or volunteers and they may be performing the dual role of driver/carer.

PATS has five modules, an induction module undertaken by all, then modules looking at assisting passengers with disabilities (but not wheelchair users), assisting wheelchair users, assisting children and young people and assisting older people.

  • Module A: The role of the passenger assistant- This is the foundation module for all passenger assistants. This module enables drivers/carers to understand the role of the passenger assistant.
  • The other modules you complete will depend on the needs of the people you work with.
  • Module B1: Passenger awareness and assistance-This modules covers awareness of passenger needs and how to assist, looking at individuals who don’t use a wheelchair.
  • Module B2: Assisting passengers who travel in wheelchairs- B2 covers similar aspects to B1 but focuses specifically on passengers in wheelchairs
  • Module C1: Supervising children and young people with special needs- For PA’s who work with children or young people with special needs
  • Module C2: Working with adults who need care and supervision- PA’s who work with vulnerable adults